With over 35 years of experience, our company’s purpose is to provide people with the best food and change their dietary habits for the better. With respect to tradition and man, with experienced and qualified staff and with teams of expert nutritionists, we produce high quality products based on nuts and seeds. And of course we continue to accentuate the taste, the purity of our ingredients, high nutritional value, quality and variety.


Having years of experience in this industry and applying the most modern technological methods to produce high-quality, tasty products with high nutritional value, we have gained your trust. Because we know how to process nuts in milder conditions to optimize their organoleptic characteristics and rich nutritional benefits. Because everything we do, we do with high-standard, state-of-the-art equipment. And of course, because we choose the best raw materials in conjunction with trusted suppliers, who have been selected with very strict criteria.


Nutrition, let alone good and optimized nutrition, is a scientific field that always moves forward. Therefore, we invest and believe in research. Our trusted, greatly experienced R&D team has multidimensional knowledge in “Food” and follows trends and consumer needs closer than anyone. These are the distinguished professionals and scientists that help us always innovate and always go a step further.